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Amazing...! If you like riding bikes offroad then you HAVE TO DO THIS! Great trails, lots of variety... Fast, challenging, technical, even a bit of water (and ice!). Wonderful countryside and great guys running it. I can't praise it enough... i will certainly be back... SOON, thanks Rui and Tiago
Gareth Davies


My first such event with an organised tour doing off road. We were a mixed group of 1 professional and another quite experienced rider and myself with little fast paced off road riding. The pace started fst for me but I was able to keep up and the others including Rui helped with advice and technique skills. I learnt my skills using a road book which was pretty good fun and am glad to have had the chance to do this under a no stress environment.
Great 3 days, for me the hotels didn't need to be so plush (not complaining though) and I can recommend this trip to anyone wanting to enjoy a relaxed few days riding in the mountains of Portugal. For Rui, I suggest an added bonus for us all in future could be a short video of us riding across the fast paced plateaus, I for one would pay for a copy. Good luck and hope to return
Kelston Chorley
Oxford UK


Wow, what a great few days...
Our group of 6 provided Rui with a mixed bunch ranging from ex motocrossers to a couple of teenagers with no enduro experience but Rui quickly worked out our abilities and varied the riding to suit all of us with some fast fireroads, steep technical downhills, uphill climbs, etc.
Some of us had done these type of trips before with some good and some very bad experiences but this was by far the best we have done; great bikes, great trails, great organisation, a support truck that was always there, accurate roadbooks, great laughs, etc, etc.
The area of Portugal was a great surprise with mountaineous landscape, offering endless trails, gorgeous villages, mountain rivers for swimming and great scenery.
Last but not least, these types of trips tend to be based around budget hotels.....not with Portugaloffroad - the hotels were top notch and a real treat. (I'm tempted to take the wife for a weekend just to re-visit the hotels)
The best bit: Rui's version of the Pikes Peak hillclimb :)
Rui & Tiago - don't change a thing, you've got it just right.
Cheers & see you again soon.
Kevin Wheeler, Will Wheeler, Mark Davies, Owain Davies, Chris McMillan & Roger Thomas.
Kevin Wheeler
Hampshire UK


Gostaria de dizer que a KTM está muito bem representada pela Portugaloffroad. Tive o prazer de conhecer o Rui e fazer o One day Play no meio das férias! Não trouxe nada do Brasil e a Portugaloffroad providenciou tudo e me proporcionou um dia inesquecível pelas terras da Pampilhosa da Serra. Vir a Portugal e não dar uma volta de KTM com a Portugaloffroad, é o mesmo que ir à Roma e não ver o Papa.
Carlos Mauricio Torres Filho - Caco
Rio de Janeiro


I can highly recommend a trip with Rui and Portugal Off Road. We have done quite a few trips abroad and this was one of the best. We did the three/four day trip. Good bikes, well maintained with excellent support from Tiago in the backup van. The trip was well organised, and we stayed at two very good hotels and one excellent, all with good food. We all had a go at using the roadbook for navigation which was good fun, and the tracks over the mountains were spectacular. Just do it!
Colin Webb


Uma só palavra para a PORTUGALOFFROAD !
Pelos trilhos
Pela organização
Pela marcação
Pela simpatia
Pela comida
Pela coragem de em tempo de crise, fazer uma firma como esta!
Até Breve
the tracks
the organization
for marking
by sympathy
the food
The courage in times of crisis, to make a firm like this!
See You Soon
João Afonso


I woke up this morning at home and cannot decide if i dreamt the the last four days or not. I cannot believe how much we fit in over the weekend. Rui and Tiago put on an exceptional experience and covered all the bases, the weather, the food, the riding, the views, the hotels everything was just brilliant. I can't thank them enough for making my first trip abroad one that I can't imagine being beat. Thanks again see you again soon!!


Just got back from a 2 day Navigator tour with 3 other friends, Rui and Tiago did a great job of organising another fantastic couple of days riding in the beautiful central region. The organisation was brilliant and so was the Hotels and travel to and from the airport.
The weekend was just brilliant from start to finish, so a massive thanks to Rui and Tiago for everything where absolutely nothing was too much trouble.
Derek Dilks
Maidstone Kent


What an amazing week with Rui and the crew. The week I had with them opened my eyes to how much fun you can have offroad enduro riding. Before going to Portugal I had high expectations of the riding from looking at the videos but they cannot do the scenery and the whole experience justice. This is one of those things, if you are into your biking, that you have to try. If you like biking in beautiful scenery, eating great food, riding the best offroad bikes on the market then this may be the holiday for you.
I arrived having only biked on the road before and I left knowing that very soon I will be back in Portugal for more fun on the beautiful mountain trails.
Thanks for an amazing week!



A massive thanks to Rui for making my 2 day trip to the Algarve so enjoyable, great riding on the totally deserted trails Portugal is blessed with, I am still smiling from ear to ear and can't wait to visit the Portugal off road base in Coimbra and experience the 5 day tour. Rui is a great guy, host and guide, a massive bike enthusiast who loves to see his customers enjoy themselves, nothing is too much trouble! If you want to ride enduro in Portugal, why wouldn't you? I highly recommend you try Portugal off road. 5 Stars all day long!
Derek Dilks


Thank you for a great bike exsperance. We all so enjoyed our time with you. Your bikes KTM were very enjoyable ,I am sure our riding improved. Under your guidance ,support , and organisation ,you were always looking out for us. The hotels we so enjoyed. Thank you again , see you next year.
Graham. Papps


Thanks for a truly unforgettable navigation tour Rui, beautiful country, amazing trails, superb hotels and lots of fun too. A truly 5 star experience , I'm a better rider and navigator for the experience. You succeeded in your mission to give me a sense of freedom on the bike and a taste of a navigation rally. I'll be back for sure and am already planning to book a trip next year with friends & our wives, we can ride while the ladies shop, sightsee and sunbath ;-) You're an asset to Portugal!!
Many thanks,
Andy King
Andy King


just got back from another week end with you and your team
wow .....words cant describe this place and your set up
after 47 years of off roading, trials, motox, enduro,rallys ,
i have found heaven on two wheels
waiting to return

mark molineux


We have just got back home from one of the best weekend's trail riding ever. We spend a lot of time around the UK, Wales and the Isle of Man and they all have their uniqueness and challenge but I can only say the routes you put together for our road book training blew them away.
The sheer scale of the trails and access was amazing, the bikes were faultless and well looked after. The organisation was second to none - moving our equipment to a new hotel at the end of each days rides so we could cover new terrain.
Thanks guys, you made it the one to remember - we will be back soon!
belas memórias, novos amigos
M Knox
United Kingdom


A espectativa era grande, aliás, muiiiiiito mas muiiiiiiito grande mesmo!
Alguém se lembrou de ir ver as míticas 24 horas de Fronteira, mas de moto e só em terra!!! 220 Km !! Quatro Amigos e doidinhos de preferência ! Como já se tinha ouvido falar de uma empresa que aluga motos e organiza passeios e que o aluguer até incluía tudo!!!! Decidimos contactar o Sr. Rui Matias dono da tal empresa inovadora no ramo, para ver se era mesmo verdade. E afinal existia mesmo!! A PortugalOFFroad .
Desde a simpatia, a excelente capacidade de organização, não faltando nenhum pormenor, quer tenha sido a hora marcada, as inscrições os equipamentos e os respectivos tamanhos para cada piloto, tudo tudo tudo a 1000%, não falhou em nada, fruto dos muitos anos de experiência do sr. Rui Matias. Afinal são muitos anos de participação em equipas de todo o terreno e milhares de quilómetros feitos em provas. Resumindo foi um dia inesquecível, 4 amigalhaços a poderem reviver os tempos do sangue na guelra :), foi uma loucuraunica!
A pinta de as motos de Topo, só KTM e de 2014. Podemos trocar das 250 para as 450 e poder ver as diferenças entre elas, ambas fantásticas. Os equipamentos, tudo novinho e a estrear, só cenas de marca e da mais alta qualidade, sim a segurança esteve sempre presente!! Parecíamos uns Power Rangers... Imortais completamente!
No fim do dia, sim foram 8 horas em cima delas, as motos claro, foi só ir ter com o amigo Rui meter as motos na VW Amarok e rumar até Pombal, completamente moídos mas com uma dose de divertimento e adrenalina sem igual!!!
Muito Obrigado mano Pedro que me ofereceste esta experiência incrível, muito obrigado aos companheiros de viagem, aos que navegaram com o road book e claro obrigado Rui por te teres lembrado de criar uma empresa assim, única e diferente! E é claro que é para repetir e bem rápido, sim,... Marrocos .........................
Posso garantir que não pensava que existisse uma empresa assim em Portugal.
Quero deixar aqui os meus votos de GRANDE sucesso à PortugalOFFroad porque ideias assim só podem funcionar e tu tens tudo, Rui, para que brevemente tenhas de duplicar o numero de motos a alugar e abrir várias filiais no estrangeiro, sim porque nunca ouvi falar de algo igual, Parabéns! :).
Recomendo vivamente a todos os que gostam de aventura em motos TT e não as podem ter por falta de equipamento, isto é a solução perfeita.
Até breve
Henrique Carlos
Henrique Carlos


Inesquecível, fabuloso, perfeito, organizado, perfeccionista, qualidade, emoção... Podia estar aqui dias e dias a postar adjectivos que classificam a minha experiência com a recém nascida Portugal Offroad. Fiz um raid mítico: Ourém-Fronteira (220 km de navegação) com um grupo de amigos, a opinião foi só uma: FANTABULÁSTICO!
O Grande Rui Matias foi incansável e mostrou a larga experiência adquirida fruto de muitas experiências ao longo de muitos anos nestas andanças do Offroad.
Parabéns pelo serviço "melhor é impossível". Muitos anos e sucesso para esta empresa única.
Marrocos em vista ;)
OBRIGADO por este dia memorável.
Boas acelaradelas,
Pedro Carlos
Pedro Carlos


Uma experiência fabulosa, uma aventura à seria ... muito acima das expetativas!
Navegar com RoadBook ( um sonho antigo!) era o primeiro desafio, superado rapidamente com o apoio da equipa da Portugaloffroad e com a fantástica paisagem que rompia de cada monte e vale, a cada curva e ressalto mais atrevido e desafiador.
Um repasto beirão de "chorar por mais" bem necessário para "digerir" a adrenalina de 6 horas emocionantes.
Muito bom! Fica a vontade de querer voltar ... Talvez os 2 dias!!!
Gonçalo Cunha e Sousa